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Responsible Investment Environmental, Social, Governance
Responsible Investment Environmental, Social, Governance
NPX Capital is committed to a mission of sustainability at a corporate and culture level. We hold ourselves accountable to being proactive and solution-oriented in the effort to advance sustainable and long-term growth. NPX Capital has invested in several companies that are addressing key ESG issues as part of their business strategy and will be expanding the strategic approach to ESG related matters. We see opportunities in ESG profile of potential investments and fully integrates ESG factors to assist the portfolio company’s management to secure sustainability.
NPX Capital adopts responsible investment guidelines abiding by NPX Capital’s internal ESG Policy
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We consider ESG issues associated with investments throughout the investment process, from due diligence, ownership, and at exit as well. We seek to grow and improve the companies in which we invest for long-term value creation and to benefit a wide range of stakeholders. We not only seek to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in portfolio companies, but also respect the environmental, social, and human rights impact of those affected by the investment activities.
Internally, we apply ESG factors in day-to-day operations. We seek to support and improve the well-being of employees as part of human capital management strategy and in compliance with applicable laws. We work to foster transparency and try best in providing timely information to the matters addressed. We focus on reducing carbon footprint of the offices, ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and maintain high standards in terms of legal and compliance matters.
NPX owns NPX foundation, a non-profit arm to provide charitable work for students with needs and less privileged. As NPX Capital had focused on education companies, such as in-depth involvement in NPX Point Avenue with True North School in Vietnam, NPX seeks to give back what we earned to the community. NPX supports a broad range of charitable activities and contribute to the welfare of the communities. We encourages our portfolio companies to support the local communities as well.
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